‘How To Kill An Octopus Kiwi Style’ Is The Most Raw Fishing Footage I’ve Ever Seen, Straight Up Caveman Style

Josh James is known as the ‘Kiwi Bushman’, and if he looks familiar that’s because you might’ve seen him before on Dual Survival and Kings Of The Wild over on The Discovery Channel. This clip went crazy viral last week and I had it bookmarked to share with you bros but forgot because I’m an asshole who forgets to share cool shit with you bros, but I’m making good on my forgetfulness by sharing this raw footage with you all today.

In that clip above, we’ve got Josh James the Kiwi Bushman showing us how to texturize and prepare a live octopus after catching one in the wild, and in order to ‘change the texture’ of the octopus and make it as tasty as possible you have to kill it by biting it directly between the eyeballs. This is some straight up caveman shit right here. It’s most certainly not behavior we’re all accustomed to seeing in the 21st century, and it’s totally badass.

This technique is just to ‘change the texture’ of the octopus but if you’re looking for advice/recipes on the best ways to cook/prepare an octopus you should head on over to this ‘Step-By-Step Guide‘ on Bon Appétit.

Octopus, as we all know, are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT creatures. They’re smarter than we could’ve ever imagined. So it has to be quite shocking to be plucked out of the water by a human and killed by some person biting you between the eyeballs. Unfortunately for octopus, they’re absolutely delicious and we as a species cannot stop ourselves from indulging in freshly grilled octopus.