Everyone Wants To Move To Canada After The Super Tuesday Results — These Google Searches Were Up Over 1000%

In every election of my lifetime the candidates have basically been ‘A Giant Douche vs. A Turd Sandwich’ (which South Park lampooned years ago), and this year’s no different at all. After seeing the ‘Super Tuesday’ Primary Election results when it comes time for the general election I think it’s safe to say that most Americans won’t be voting for a candidate that they love as much as they’ll be voting for the candidate they believe will fuck America up less. Americans were noticeably concerned by this year’s Super Tuesday results, as Google saw an absolutely INSANE spike in search results of ‘how to move to Canada’ and related terms.

The Canadian website ‘Notable‘ tracked these trends, and on the night Tuesday night searches for ‘how can I move to Canada’ were up over 300%, and by midnight search queries by Americans wanting to know how they can move to Canada were up over 1000%:

As the website Notable points out, at one point in the evening searches for ‘how do I move to Canada’ were so high that the Canadian government’s own immigration website was nearly taken down after the servers were being overloaded:

And this holds true for voters in both parties. Don’t think that just because you’re voting for a polarizing candidate that this means your candidate is the one driving all of these searches about Canada. It’s the success of both Trump, Cruz, Hillary, and Bernie that are driving these searches…Millions of Americans don’t want anything to do with these politicians. Which brings me to my next rant…

Just once, ONCE, I’d like to vote in an election where I was torn between two candidates. Not because I was voting for the lesser of two evils, but because as a voter I was given the choice between two amazing candidates. Is that seriously too much to ask for? Two qualified candidates who are both running on clear and concise platforms instead of sensationalist statements and populist bullshit? That’s all we get these days, from every politician, and I fucking hate it.

That said, I definitely don’t hate it enough to move to Canada. You have to be some kind of stupid to think that 1) you life will be improved by moving to Canada after the outcome of this election and 2) that the President of the United States actually has enough power to get anything done while he’s in office. We’ve had decades now of inaction from the Oval Office, why does anyone think this will change just because this year’s candidates are more polarizing than ever?

[h/t Notable]

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