3 Keys To Surviving A Street Fight

The world we live in is savage and cruel, once the illusion of safety is gone it boils down to one man vs anyone whose out to get him. Whether we want to admit it or not, there are people who are broken and out to do bad things, people that make you want to say, “Who hurt you”? When the odds get stacked up, everyone’s inner caveman comes out, not just a love for fire, but a deep inset lust to survive and overcome anyone whose trying to stop you. Occasionally, it’s a dog eat dog world, but some dogs are bigger…and rabid. Sometimes at a bar the depth of how bad humanity can be comes out. Occasionally people drink too much and get pissed off about the stupidest things. That’s why there are 3 simple and effective rules that can help anyone survive in a street combat situation.

Make Them Miss. The average D-Bag at a bar who starts a fight is looking for you to back down. It’s a simple fact that sometimes people just want to feel powerful. They aren’t prepared to actually fight, because a fight takes more cardio than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. This is why it’s better to make someone miss punches and get in your counters. The average person cannot fight for more than a minute before they get tired and gassed. Simply duck, weave, and push your opponent back until they get gassed. Try moving your upper body in a U and backing up. Try to keep your feet planted in case they connect, but after 45 seconds of missing punches it cuts down a persons endurance and their will to fight. There have been plenty of bar fights where no one wins or loses because both people get too tired and let people break the fight up.

Avoid Take Downs.  Unless you’ve taken years of Jui-Jitsu, fighting from your back is one of the worst positions to be in. Not only do they have control of your body, but, when a punch connects it slams your head into the concrete. Getting punched while on your back is guaranteed to leave your face looking like Steve Buscemi. When someone comes in for a take down, don’t grab their neck and hold on for dear life, they’re going to slam you. Sprawl your legs behind you and come down on top of them. This position gets your balance solidified and sets you up for an easier choke. If you’re a veteran then try bringing an elbow down on their neck, if you hit the back of someones skull you’re gonna break your joint, and solidify your dad was right when he called you a pussy. If you can’t sprawl, side step and shove your shoulder into theirs – this gives you a split second to recover and get a knee into their ribs.

Use Every weapon you have. Most people are stupid, its a simple fact, they want to get in close and end the fight quickly. Your best weapon is always going to be the unexpected. In close range combat knees, elbows, eye gouges and biting are the most effective. There is no honor in a street fight, don’t be afraid to be dirty. The simple fact is fights hurt, we’ve been desensitized as a culture to violence but once you’ve been hit everything changes. Punching someone breaks hands, so don’t be afraid to cross face and rub a finger in an eyeball. If they have you in a position you can’t get out of, bite someones face and throw as many knees in them as possible. Don’t let anyone convince you that there are gentleman’s rules to combat, being a savage means winning with as little damage to you as possible.

The world can leave you thinking “Did that really just happen” or if you’re a white girl “I can’t even”. So being as brutal as possible is the best way to walk out of a fight unscathed. Its always easier to out smart another person than it is to actually hurt them. In the first 10 seconds of a fight the winner is decided by whose prepared to do the worst to another human being. If a champion like Tyson can bit an ear, a loser like you can bit a face and pound someones groin until it looks like cottage cheese.