How To Win At Arm Wrestling, Every Single Time


Over The Top

Knowing how to win at arm wrestling isn’t as hard as you think it is. Strength is important, but winning at arm wrestling is all about mastering the physics of arm wrestling, one step at a time. So how does one know they have what it takes to win at arm wrestling, every single time? A few arm wrestling tip: Position one foot in-front of the other under the table so that it gives you leverage when you put your force towards it. Two: Figure out how to pull your opponent. Pushing is weak because your muscles technically shouldn’t contract that way. THREE: Create a hook with your wrist, which you can use to put the force of your body against. FOUR: Displace your opponents center of gravity, which depletes their power. If you need to go in for the arm wrestling kill, position your grip so you can literally go over-the-top.



Boom. Now you know how to win at arm wrestling. You’re pretty much Lincoln Hawk in Over The Top, arm wrestling to get your truck back and save your life. Sylvester Stallone would be proud.

For more strategies on how to win at arm wrestling, check out this video below: