‘Humans Of New York’ Just Posted A Scathing Open Letter To Donald Trump On Facebook

Photographer and journalism Brandon Stanton is the man behind Humans of New York, one of the most popular Facebook pages on the social network. If you’ve followed HONY, you know that he highlights the powerful personal stories of random strangers. HONY is all about diversity and the universal triumph of the human spirit, which is what makes a city like New York so damn great. His subjects are people from all walks of life: There are stories of job hunts, miscarriages, loneliness,  entrepreneurship, music, etc. Last fall HONY started a series focusing on Syrian refugees searching for new homes after leaving their war-torn country.

The page is not political, but today Stanton broke character in an open letter addressed to Donald Trump. In the scathing letter, he calls Trump “hateful” and calls the Republican frontrunner out for encouraging violence at his rallies:

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