Sexy Humiliatrix Makes Six Figures A Year By Insulting Men, Selling Her Hair, Urine And Feces

How much would you pay to have someone berate you and call you a worthless turd? Sure you could get free abuse on Twitter, but that’s from some neckbeard troll. If you want a beautiful woman to humiliate you it will cost $10 per minute. That’s the price you will pay to have the sexy Ceara Lynch shit on you.

The lovely Lynch is a “humiliatrix,” and she makes videos of her dominating men and humiliating them (Who request and pay for this treatment mind you). “I verbally humiliate men on the internet and they pay me for it,” she told Fox 12. But it’s not all talking shit for Ceara, she also sells it. A guy asked Ceara to buy her shit for $100. She obliged. She got a little weirded out by the shit peddling, so she raised the price of her dumps to $4,000. And guys being creepy as fuck of course bought her mound of brown. THREE TIMES! Ceara made $12,000 by selling her poo. What a country! If kaka isn’t you’re thing, she also sells her hair, underwear, bathroom trash and urine. “Just any sort of kind of disgusting item that could be harvested off my body I was able to sell,” she says.

She also has clients who want to be in a dungeon and have their penis imprisoned by putting it in a “cock cage,” and some male chastity devices have spikes inside that puncture the junk if they become aroused. Um. Yea. You probably shouldn’t Google this torture device.

Another service Ceara provides is financial domination. That’s where guys get off on giving a woman their money (Why not just get a divorce if that’s your fetish?), or having a woman pretend to blackmail them and “force” them to give them their bank account numbers or credit card numbers. And because of the internet, she never has to touch or even meet these creepers.

This entrepreneurial 29-year-old woman is making six figures with all of these unorthodox jobs using just her mind, body and webcam. Ceara says that being her own boss is “priceless.” “Nowadays, thanks to technology, a woman just needs a webcam and a computer and she can take control of her own life and make her own money.” Thanks to all of her kink, she has paid off her student loans and buy two houses, all by humiliating men for money.

She got her start when she was 17-years-old and a man approached her online and offered her $250 for her piss. She began researching selling urine and realized this was a niche where she could really make some cash.

Now she does camshows ranging from every fetish from feet to vore. “There are guys that get off on what’s called vore and it’s basically the fetish for being like swallowed and eaten and like digested,” she explained.

When Lynch’s parents noticed all of the money she was earning, Lynch had to explain she wasn’t making all this cash from working at Starbucks. Her dad said “it’s cool” and thinks she is a genius.

The lovely Ceara was on The Joe Rogan Experience recently, where she tells about her intriguing lifestyle and you can watch a news clip here.