Man Has Amazing Explanation Of Why The Hummer H2 Is The Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Ever Drive

Why The Hummer H2 Is The Most Embarrassing Car Ever Made

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It wasn’t that long ago that the Hummer H2 was one of the most popular cars on the planet for Upper Middle-Class Americans who wanted to look like total dickheads on the road. Many of these H2’s are still around today, but you definitely don’t see nearly as many of them as you used to.

Why is that? Well, one man who had the chance to drive one has a pretty good breakdown.

The man in this video was given a budget to rent cars from Turo, which is essentially “Airbnb for Cars”; it allows you to rent outrageous cars for much cheaper than it would cost at Enterprise.

To illustrate how the Hummer H2 is actually the most embarrassing vehicle a person can drive he rented the H2 for a week and then filmed this video (he also wrote at length about how this is the most embarrassing car on the planet and you can read Doug DeMuro’s scathing takedown of the Hummer H2 on AutoTrader).

As he points out, the main reason the Hummer H2 is so goddamn embarrassing is that it was a car that was marketed to people who thought the original Hummer looked great but they weren’t able to afford that car. So the Hummer H2 was released, and it quasi-looked like the original Hummer, but in terms of capabilities, it’s a total waste of space.

“Imagine a car that looks like a Ferrari but drives like the cart at the airport that takes (elderly) people to their gates.” That pretty much sums up what the Hummer H2 is in a nutshell. But his evisceration of the H2 goes much, MUCH deeper than that.

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