I Wish I Paid $200/Night For This NYC Igloo Some Bro Put On Airbnb During The Blizzard

Hoping that my landlord doesn’t read BroBible, I’ll admit that I’ve listed my apartment on the home rental site for over a year now, getting random strangers to actually pay me some good ass money to sleep in my bed, use all my utensils and, OK, I’m just going to stop because that’s kind of gross to think about.

While it’s a little strange talking about renting my spot on Airbnb, one thing that’s DEFINITELY dope as shit is this igloo that some bro built after all the snow New York had dumped on it this weekend—and then actually being smart enough to list it on Airbnb!

According to the description, thy guy had it listed for $200/night, tossing in some nice plastic covered pillows, blankets and a few lights inside the igloo for good measure.

Sadly, Airbnb shut down the idea after the builder/lister found out that it didn’t meet occupancy standards, but this was still one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen!

[H/T Distractify]

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