GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! This Inmate Delivering A WWE Flying Elbow Drop During A Prison Fight Is Wicked

by 1 year ago

Did you ever attempt to pull off crazy wrestling moves on someone in a fight? It’s not exactly the easiest thing to carry out in the midst of a raucous brouhaha. Wrestling maneuvers look cool as fuck but aren’t exactly practical in a real fight. Unless you’re this inmate and you knock out your opponent during a prison fight then you can try out any WWE move you want.

The man in the left corner came out strong with a right hook, but the amateur WWE brawler went low and took his legs out and pummeled him to the ground. He put his knees on the man’s arms so he couldn’t move or defend himself, the man then used the other fighter’s face as a speedbag delivering a flurry of furious punches.

He then gets off the now seemingly unconscious man. But not because he knocked him out. The wrestling fanatic then climbed to the top rope (a wooden bench) and then delivered a WWE flying elbow drop that would make Macho Man Savage proud.

Unfortunately for the concussed man, this was nothing like the WWE, there was nothing fake about his brutal beatdown.


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