Couple Poses for Epic Wedding Photos In Front of a Tornado

If Helen Hunt and  Bill Paxton’s characters from Twister got married, this is what I imagine the wedding pics would look like. Most brides would cry about their wedding day being ruined if a massive tornado was sweeping through the area of the festivities. Not for I can’t decide if this is the most endearing or most obnoxious thing ever. Not for this bride and groom in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. When a twister started barreling through the area on Saturday, wedding photographer Colleen Niska figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the ultimate wedding pic. She shared them on Facebook on Sunday, earning more than 14,000 shares in 24-hours.

Despite Mother Nature’s antics, the bride says the wedding was nothing short of “epic”:

I’m just glad they stayed clear of the…


Because all sorts of weird shit happens there:

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