10 Instagram Craft Beer Lovers You Should Be Following

Instagram is a cesspool of wannabe models, pointless selfies, and unoriginal sunsets. Once in a while you stumble across an someone that just gets you, and for me, those are all Instagram craft beer lovers. Some take beautiful photographs… of beer. Others have rare collections… of beer. Basically if you Instagram craft beer, you’ll like these people.

The Beer Wench

The undisputed queen of all things craft beer. She lives and breathes it, all while rocking some of the best hair in the game.


You know how all your beer pictures look terrible and boring? Picture the exact opposite of that.



This is more than just an Instagram account. It’s “a goddamn cultural rocketship.” More specifically, it’s one of the best damn beer publications out there, and their Insta reflects all of it, not just the beer itself.


The editor over at Draft Beer focuses primarily on bottle shots, and right now he’s going through a color faze that would impress Warhol himself.


Want to explore the countries best craft breweries without leaving home? BrewBokeh has you covered.


Speaking of the country’s best craft breweries, if you want a look behind the curtain, SolemnOathBeer is happy to show you everything that goes on in a brewery. Well, not everything.


Do you like puppies and babies and other stuff? JoshMBerstein will make you feel like you’re part of the family all while making you incredible thirsty.


This might be what your feed would look like if you had access to many of the world’s best brews. You don’t though, so live vicariously through Beertography.


Yet another website first, Insta second. It’s a great way to discover some new beers and perhaps actually learn something about them too!


This spot was intended for BeerPulse, but it looks like he doesn’t update anymore. Instead, follow me. It’s a mix of booze and dumb shit that I find funny, like full-back clover tattoos.

Have any other must-follow Instagram craft beer lovers? Let the people know!