Dammit, The Internet Is Arguing Over The Color Of This Jacket A Year After ‘The Dress’ Debate

A year ago today the Internet proved just how dumb we can all be by debating the color of a fucking dress—oh, and something about two llamas. Was it white and gold? Black and blue? Honestly, who gives a rats ass.

So how smart have we gotten from February 26th, 2015 to February 26th, 2016? Not much, because the Internet is now on some other shit, wondering what color this adidas jacket is—and, as expected, people are debating the hell out of it.

Apparently, the color combos people are seeing are blue and white or black and brown. For the record, I see blue and white.

And for those who have zero time on their hands, here’s what people are saying:



OK, I need to go chug some beer, grab my sack and try to earn back my man card, because I’m doing an injustice to mankind by even paying attention to this dumb shit.

[H/T Bustle]

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