Bro Quits His Job And Goes On Two Month Road Trip Across America, Completing Over 400 ‘Missions’ From The Internet

Last Summer this bro quit his job and took off on a two-month-long road trip back and forth across America. He found a complete stranger on the Internet to take the 13,000-mile road trip with him to the four corners of America, a stranger who could film their adventures. It didn’t end there though, he also created ‘Internet Adventure Club’, and he got hundreds of people to send him missions, or challenges, to complete along his road trip.

These challenges included everything from finding a blind baby goat in Utah, telling some chick her friends ‘say hi’ in Wyoming, and even reading a book to low-income elementary school students in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. He put this all into a quick 3-minute clip, and if this doesn’t make you want to strike out onto the open road then I’m worried for you bro, because you’ve got not adventure left in you:

If you’ve been reading my posts here on BroBible for long enough then by now you’ve probably seen at least one instance of me talking expousing the importance of the ‘Great American Road Trip’. I’m a firm believer that there’s no greater way to see America than from our nation’s great highways. We’ve got the greatest interconnected highway system in the world, and with a few hundred bucks for gas and food you can see everything from the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon to emerald blue waters of Key West. It’s fucking amazing.

Back in college (Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida) my buddies and I had just finished Winter finals and we were all shooting the shit early in the night, talking about places we’d never been…’You’ve never been to Colorado?’…’Wait, I’ve never been to Colorado’…’You’ve never been either!’…By the time the end of the night rolled around someone threw out ‘fuck it, let’s just go to Colorado’ so I chugged two red bulls, we swung by our two houses to pack up some clothes, and by the time my two buddies woke up we were already passing through Nashville. From there we went to Wash U. in St. Louis for a night, where I got so hammered I threw up in the Sammy frat house’s urinal.

After that we went to Boulder for a few nights (and a week in Aspen after that, crashing on couches). Driving across Kansas is the goddamn WORST. You might not realize this if you’ve never looked at it closely on a map, but Kansas is almost exactly as wide as the state of Texas. However, unlike Texas’ amazing eco-diversity across the state when you’re driving across Kansas NOTHING EVER CHANGES. Even when you get to Colorado it’s flat as hell, you’re thinking ‘that John Denver truly was full of shit’. But then you hit the Rocky Mountains, and for a few dudes from Florida it’s the most jaw droppingly massive mountain range in the world. The world goes from flat and juts straight up into the heavens…This is the shit you get experience on road trips, the unknown, our nation’s wonders that you’ve yet to behold.

I only wish I’d have known about the Internet Adventure Club while this bro was taking his road trip because I’d have loved to suggest some amazing ‘missions’ for him. If you’re curious about what the 400+ missions he complete consisted of you can CLICK HERE to see the interactive map on his website.

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