This iPhone Hack Takes Less Than 10 Seconds And Makes Your iPhone Run Faster INSTANTLY

On my walk to the office today I was streaming SoundCloud and trying to derp around at Tinder on the same time, except my phone was being sooooo fucking laggy that it made the whole experience hellish; I’d try to type a simple sentence out and all I’d get is 4 letters and a frozen screen. Way to bitch out on me phone, all I’m tryna do is listen to Floss and hit up slutty dudes on Tinder, how is that too much to ask?

Apparently so because all my phone did was throw a middle finger up in the air to my face. Cool, well TWO can play at that game since by clearing my phone’s RAM I nixed all the old processes that were slowing it down. All you have to do is the following:


That’s it.

So far my SoundCloud feat. Tinder experience has increased ten-fold, which means if it worked for me it’ll probably work for you…or not. If that’s the case then your phone blows and it’s probably time to go the way of Radioshack, i.e. to the big electronics heaven up in the sky.

[H/T Metro]