Iraqi Special Forces Instagram Account Lets You Vote To Decide If Captured Members Of ISIS Are Executed

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Instagram / Iraqi Swat

Yesterday the ‘Iraqi Swat’ Instagram account had a decent following of around 60,000 people, mostly from the Middle East. Then the world got news that this account was allowing followers to vote on whether or not members of ISIS captured by Iraqi Special Forces would be executed and just like that the follower count of ‘Iraqi Swat’ has begun to blow up.

Word began to spread yesterday when an Imgur user uploaded these photos (though we actually covered this here on BroBible back in December), showing ‘Iraqi Swat’ put the fate of a captured member of ISIS to a vote:

SPOILER ALERT: they executed that member of ISIS after the fan vote was overwhelmingly in favor of killing him. There’s a photo of that, which you can see in the original three picture set over on Imgur. I chose not to include that pic because I know some of you don’t do so well seeing dead bodies, but if you want to see the executed man you can click on over to Imgur, but DON’T LEAVE before you check out the rest of the pics on the ‘Iraqi Swat‘ Instagram account.

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