Get These Irish People Harshly Critiquing American Beer Outta My Face ASAP

Overall “they are bland!?!?” Piss water did you say, you funny looking Irish fellow!? Bite your tongue.

Don’t you ever use that word to insult the Holy Trinity of American beers ever again! For those people who were born yesterday, that trifecta is, quite obviously, Budweiser, Miller, and Coors. For some reason, a ton of Irish people got together to sample some well known Made In The USA™ brews and critique them, because YouTube. And they came straight at our light beers with insult after insult.

Ummmmm, sorry we don’t have a Guinness factory, guys. Not everybody can be like rampant alcoholic Dublin over here!

The Irish folk also whet their palates with some Brooklyn and Boston lager, and refreshingly, they did have some half-decent things to say about them. Because duh, they’re actually good beers. What kind of thing are you trying to instigate here, Ireland?

Would definitely challenge red jumpsuit to a dance off to settle this beef. Nobody puts baby Miller in the corner and gets away with it. You hear me, no one!!!