ISIS Has Changed Their Hiring Policy When It Comes To Fighters Because No One Wants To Join Them Anymore

ISIS: once the belle of the ball, now just the dishwasher in the back who subtly eats the table scraps off the plates before he dumps them into the sink. What was once a top-tier terror group that had people all over the world quaking in their boots (well, maybe not so much quaking — maybe more like “had people all over the world thinking to themselves ‘Thank Christ I didn’t name my kid Isis”) is now possibly facing a rough patch that could signal the beginning of their end.

What’s that signal, you ask? They’ve changed their hiring policy when it comes to fighters and are now allowing women to join the men in combat, i.e. blow themselves up. According to The Independent,

Isis have begun using female fighters and suicide bombers for the first time.

At least seven female militants are in custody and more than three have been killed in the past week in Libya, The Times reports.

One of the fighters attempted to blow herself up.

The attacks mark the jihadist group’s first recorded use of female combatants.(via)

Women are reportedly generally confined to non-combat in Syria and Iraq, however ISIS’ steadily dwindling numbers appear to have pushed the group to allow women to join them in the field. And while no one can say exactly how many women make up ISIS in the first place, it’s hopefully safe to say not that many – and that this recent change in combat policy could signal their eventual demise.

[H/T Unilad & The Independent]