The U.S. Has Captured ISIS’s Head Of Chemical Weapons And He’s Spilling The Beans On Some Pretty Scary Stuff

Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, ISIS’s former Head of their Chemical Weapons Unit, was apprehended by the United States at some point in the month of February and he’s being held at a temporary detention center in Erbil, Iraq. Under the interrogation of the United States al-Afari, who once worked for Saddam Hussein, has begun spilling the beans on the types of chemical weapons that ISIS possesses.

Most notably, al-Afari has told authorities that ISIS is in possession of ‘mustard gas’, a chemical weapon with some of the nastiest after effects imaginable. The website ‘How Stuff Works’ has a pretty gruesome description of what mustard gas does to the human body:

After a mustard gas attack, you might think nothing more about it for a few hours or even a day. But eventually you would see red spots forming on your skin that quickly turned into painful blisters. If you underwent a direct attack and inhaled mustard gas, it wouldn’t take long to feel pain and swelling in your nose and throat as the blisters developed, sealing your airway.
The longer the exposure to mustard gas, the greater the damage it causes.

Repeated exposure to mustard gas can prove deadly.

During interrogation sessions with officials from the United States Sleiman Daoud al-Afari has been grilled on ISIS’s intentions to use chemical weapons, The Post reports:

Sleiman Daoud al-Afari is being held at a temporary detention facility in Erbil, Iraq, where US military officials are grilling him about the Islamic State’s intentions to use deadly chemical and biological weapons, the sources said.
Defense Department officials described al-Afari as a “significant” ISIS leader who was nabbed in February by elite American commandos.
Since then, al-Afari has offered up crucial details about how the terror organization packed its artillery shells with powdered mustard gas, sources said.
One Defense official told The Post that although the mustard gas was not “concentrated enough” to snuff out a life, it could certainly impair someone.
After the US military has completed the interrogation process, al-Afari will be transferred to Iraqi and Kurdish authorities, sources said.

Scary shit. I hope that our interrogators get everything they can from this man before turning him over to Iraqi authorities. If keeping him behind bars for the next decade means that we can save even one life then it’s all worth it, right?

[h/t NYPost]

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