The Three-Breasted Woman Wants Us All To Know Her Boobs Are Real, And The Media Is Corrupt

Jasmine Tridevil is the self-styled ‘attention whore’ from Tampa, Florida with three breasts who made all sorts of viral headlines in 2014. Today she wants us to know her three breasts are real.

Some might even call her the biggest viral sensation of 2014. After it was revealed that she was a dominatrix with three breasts every news outlet in the world rushed for coverage, but then it was leaked that police at the Tampa airport found a ‘breast prosthesis’ and it was all nothing more than a hoax. Well she’s finally speaking out on her own behalf, claiming that her boobs are REAL and the media is corrupt. That whole airport debacle? She has a pretty convenient explanation for that one, and at this point I’m actually inclined to believe her:

So she doesn’t feel like she needs to prove her third breast is real? Yet she has the undying need for attention from the world regarding her third boob?

“I could never consider doing a topless shoot. It’s just against the way I was raised.” Jasmine Tridevil, the three-breasted dominatrix from Tampa, Florida.

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