Bros, How You Feeling About This Jeep Pickup Truck Reportedly Coming In 2017?

Big news coming out of the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week, as a Jeep executive has all but confirmed the American automaker will finally take the leap back into pickup truck production for the first time since 1992. So this means you can drive one right off the showroom floor, opposed to relying on a MOPAR mod-kit to get a Jeep with a flatbed, bros.

The Detroit News reported on Jeep’s new model, set to be built in Toledo, Ohio:

Jeep’s global chief, Mike Manley, said Monday the brand expects to set a global sales record — its fifth consecutive — this year, as it continues to expand production of Jeeps in key international markets.

He also confirmed that Jeep will produce a pickup based off the next-generation Wrangler. The SUV is expected late-2017.

Automotive News also independently confirmed that Jeep’s new pickup – likely based on the “Gladiator” concept that has been floating around since 2005 – will be an adapted version of the Wrangler. Pretty cool, but also…pretty funny looking?

I’m just not sure how I feel about it, bros. And admittedly, I’m a Jeep fan. What do you think?

I mean, maybe it’s only kind of awkward because we’re used to the usual Wrangler looks, opposed to the extended bed? And that tire placement is a little audacious, too. Although, putting it on the bed cover or the tailgate would pretty much render them useless, so I guess there’s no other place to put it?

Maybe it’ll grow on me.

The interior is certainly pretty bad ass, though, and very classic Jeep.

But oh man, that legroom in the rear. Not sure even a small child could be comfortable sitting back there, let alone two of my friends.

I guess only time will tell what Jeep actually rolls off the production line.

Riding in the truck bed, though, that’s a different story. And no question this thing would be prime for tailgating.

Regardless of what this concept looks like, I must say, I’m kind of super eager to see the finished product.

[h/t Carbuzz]