‘Pick Out Yo Whip, So You Can Nae-Nae’ Is The Best Used Car Commercial In Recorded History

Best used car commercial of all-time? Best used car commercial of all-time! The performance value here is a perfect 10, and if you say otherwise, we can fight.

If he would’ve had a mic, it would’ve been dropped. If he would’ve had backup dancers, no one would’ve noticed. If he actually stuck to the ‘Whip/Nae-Nae’ dance and didn’t throw in the “Do the broken leg!” no one would’ve cared. But this guy is a motherfucking trailblazer! Just capitalizing on six-month-old trends by reinventing them to sell used whips, and I love it. Almost feel compelled to find out where this guy’s dealership is, so I can go buy the used car that I don’t even need.

How many people you think are going to be doing “the broken leg” at the club this weekend!? Only everyone.


Dance trends like this only come around once every million years. Jeff from Priority Motorsports, you win the internet today.

[h/t Big Cat]