This Video PERFECTLY Describes Going To The Bar The Night Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve — the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving — is notorious for being “the biggest bar night of the year,” especially at watering holes in small towns where all the townies reunite with their transplanted friends who live elsewhere. If you’re in a habit of going out on Thanksgiving Eve, you know it’s a very strange ritualistic evening of drinking that’s pretty much a yearly high school reunion. All these people from your former life are there: That Ivy League brat you couldn’t stand from Calc, the girl you crushed on hard in Study Hall, the townie who doesn’t seem to be doing much with their life, and the teacher who tried too hard to be the “cool” teacher in high school who intentionally goes out just to find out what his former students are up to as adults. And the thing is, it happens Every. Single. Year.

This viral video, starring Jenna Marbles, very adequately captures what a Bro’s night at the bar before Thanksgiving is like. Just admit it: You drive your mom’s car when you go home for Thanksgiving.

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