Jimmy John’s Delivery Man Truly Dedicated To The Game Hops A Moving Train To Get Subs Delivered ‘Freaky Fast’

When we were in college, I’m not ashamed to admit, despite living under a half mile from a Jimmy John’s, we would sometimes be too hungover to walk there.

Plus, the subs came like right away. It was quicker than going. The company has always promised ‘Freak Fast’ delivery, and there were times we were astounded by how immediately they showed up. Like they barely had time to make them.

The reason, it appears, is because their delivery drivers are dedicated to the game at all costs.

Spotted in Florida, a Jimmy John’s bike delivery man jumping a moving train. For real.

It went down in San Marco, a suburb of Jacksonville. The video, sent to a news organization by a concerned citizen, shows a delivery man with a bike deftly hopping a moving train to continue on his way.

From News4Jax:

Elizabeth Scott owns several Jimmy John’s locations in Jacksonville. She said they encourage workers to make deliveries as quickly as possible. But she wants them to do it safely and legally — never doing anything to jeopardize their lives or anyone else’s.

“All of our delivery employees are expected to obey all traffic laws and make all deliveries in a safe, timely manner for themselves, as well as for other people on the road,” Scott said.

Scott told News4Jax a commitment to fast service is good, but this is going too far.

The man in the video has yet to be identified.