Joe Biden Had A Super Awkward And Creepy Hug With Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Pennsylvania on Monday and got some personal and hands-on support from Joe Biden. The Vice President hoped off his plane and greeted Hillary on the tarmac with an exuberant, awkward, and creepy hug. The bizarre interaction lasted an uncomfortable 16 seconds, probably 14 seconds more than Hillary wanted.

At the 9-second mark, Hillary taps out.

Biden continues to hug her.

At the 12-second mark, Hillary once again taps out… twice.

Biden continues to hold her.

At the 24-second mark, Biden appears to try to grab Hillary’s hand.

At the 35-second mark, Biden gives a man a 3-second handshake.

At the 53-second mark, Biden gets in the back seat with Hillary.

Seconds after that, I imagine that Hillary wishes she had her own car that doesn’t have Biden in the back seat with her.

Sorry Joe, we all know that feeling when we get put in the friendzone.

Guess we’re going to have to add this to Biden’s creepy highlight reel.

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