Director Jon Favreau Shared A Dope Recipe For The Perfect Cuban Sandwich And These Look Heavenly

Jon Favreau’s one of those Hollywood men who has had a career long battle with keeping his weight in check. He was slim-ish in Swingers, chunk af in I Love You Man, and he’s slimmed down again for the Iron Man series. I’m guessing this is because like me, Jon Favreau enjoys eating the finer things in life. If he’s like me he doesn’t want to be sitting on his death bed decades from now thinking back on all the bland chicken breast he ate throughout his life, he wants to remember those braised short ribs that changed his life back in the Winter of 2016 (that’s what I had for dinner on Saturday btw).

He’s worked on every side of the camera throughout his career (actor, producer, director), and back in 2014 Jon Favreau directed Chef, a film about a chef who loses his job and opens up a food truck in order to rediscover himself in the kitchen/regain his creativity. While directing AND starring in that film Jon Favreau obviously got heavily into cooking and really seasoned his chops as a chef.

For Super Bowl 50 Jon Favreau got back in the kitchen for the first time since directing/starring in Chef and he made what appear to be the dopest cuban sandwiches I’ve ever seen, and then he shared the photos and recipe over on Imgur for the entire world to enjoy. Maybe it’s the Florida in me, but for my money there’s hardly a better sandwich than a perfectly cooked Cuban:

Think you bros have a better recipe? Hit me up with your best!

And if you prefer to scroll through these in gallery form you can do so in the Imgur gallery below: