Moment Journalist’s Life Was Saved By GoPro By Stopping Bullet From ISIS Sniper

Iraqi forces have recaptured nearly 90% of west Mosul from the Islamic State, but there are still snipers lurking in the shadows of the former ISIS stronghold. One such marksman took aim on a journalist and if it would have killed him if it wasn’t for one lucky GoPro camera.

Journalist Ammar Alwaely was in western Mosul and thought he was safe after the military cleared a neighborhood. Suddenly, a shot rang out and his GoPro that he was wearing around his neck disintegrated. The sniper’s bullet struck the camera, preventing Ammar from being hit in the chest with the gunshot. The bullet was fractions of an inch from potentially killing Ammar.

“At first I did not know what happened. I fell to the floor and could not turn around to see if Ammar was ok,” said Sun journalist Owen Holdaway who was inches away.

“Crawling along to behind the vehicle, I eventually looked up and saw it had hit my old GoPro that I had given him just a few days earlier,” Owen said. “The explosion had smashed the camera, spraying plastic into his face and cutting his lip.”

Such fortunate luck for Ammar and an unintentional great commercial for GoPro.