Badass Judge Tells Off Racist Thug Who Gave The Nazi Salute In The Courtroom

Meet judge Patricia Lynch out of the UK (pictured below). She was presiding over a case with John Hennigan, a white supremacist who has had many run-ins with the law. Hennigan was in the court for violating an ASBO (anti-social behavior order,) by using racial obscenities (again) in front of a mother and her children. According to the Daily Mail,

“During sentencing at Chelmsford Crown Court, Hennigan launched a foul-mouthed tirade at Judge Patricia Lynch QC, saying that she was a ‘bit of a c***’.

In response the judge said: ‘You are a bit of a c*** yourself’.

Hennigan shouted back: ‘Go f*** yourself, to which the judge replied, ‘you too’.”

Hennigan, of Harlow, Essex, then banged on the glass panel of the dock, performed a Nazi salute and twice shouted ‘Sieg Heil’ before starting to sing ‘Jews gas them all….’

Speaking in a measured tone, Judge Lynch said: ‘We are all really impressed. Take him down.’

It seems that whatever Hennigan was lacking when it came to compassion and empathy, he more than made up for by being an awful person and a dumbass. It’s good to see that this waste of space is off the street. Props to Judge Lynch for not taking any of Hennigan’s crap. I really think we should give her and this judge some sort of courtroom reality tv show…

[h/t Daily Mail]