Justin Bieber Allegedly Moaned His Way Through A Two Man, One Justin Massage At A Turkish Bath House In NYC

If you’ve never gone to a Turkish bath, I highly recommend you do. There’s nothing like being washed and rubbed down with a pomice loofah by a large man with the kind of paws that could manhandle a bear.

You leave feeling invigorated. Alive.

No matter how good it is, you need to respect the other people there. Everyone else wants to enjoy their rubdown, and not feel like they’re listening to some stranger go off like they’re getting their prostate massaged by the love of their life.

Friend of the site Justin Bieber did the latter. Via Page Six:

Justin Bieber was at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca on Tuesday being massaged by two men at once.

Around 3 p.m., a spy said Bieber was at the spa — “next to one of the pools getting massaged by two very large, strong men,” and he was “moaning for all to hear.”

The Biebs then made small talk with a woman getting into the pool and went back to his massage.

Keep it down, Biebs.

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