Justin Bieber Is Now Using Instagram To Get Laid, Posts Photo Of Girl He Found And Asks Internet To Find Her



As if Justin Bieber needs to use Instagram to get laid — dude can go take a stroll down any block in the country and get his duck sucked for free by the time he takes his third step. But alas, maybe the Beebz is picky? Otherwise I can’t think of any reason he’d throw up the following photo on Instagram:



asking “Omg who is this!!” as the caption.

I mean…if that’s what you gotta do it’s what you gotta do, but you’d think as a celebrity he’d go for a slightly more stealthy approach rather than blasting it out to his 47 million followers. Like for all we know that girl is 16 and just LOOKS old and now Justin Bieber is a pedophile. Do you want to be a pedophile Justin? Do you? DO YOU?

Luckily for Justin, not only is the girl reportedly of legal age but she’s also a JBeebz fan! Baaarf:

Fans soon flocked to Twitter to tell him it was supposedly a girl called Cindy Kimberly, who has a habit of posting selfies on her Instagram page.

It is unclear where she is from but her Instagram profile reads: ‘My name is Cindy and I get too excited about fictional related stuff.’

Another Instagram account, this time private, under the name ‘wolfiecindyreal’ also exists with more than 250,000 followers.

She is obviously a Justin Bieber fan as just days ago she posted a brief video to the site showing her listening to the opening seconds of the singer’s hit ‘No Sense’.

In one of her pictures an excited fan said, ‘IT’S THE JB GIRL.’(via)

So there you have it: even celebrities creep through random Instagram accounts in their spare time, and if they’re desperate enough they’ll use their status as a famous person to get laid. And just so we’re on the same page here: it’s only a matter of time before JB bangs that chick. Chances that she’ll turn him down are like 0.000000000%. Don’t lie, you’ve seen his dick — even if you’re not a fan you’d still fuck him.

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