Justin Trudeau Is About To Make The Biggest Change In Global Marijuana Reform The World Has Ever Seen

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one of the most pro-marijuana national leaders on the planet, is about to make a change that could move marijuana reform along like never before.

We already knew that Trudeau was well into the process of making marijuana legal nationwide in his country, and this news shows just how serious he is about it.

The Global Sun reports that at a press conference held this week Trudeau announced that all members of parliament have agree to pardon every Canadian prisoner currently behind bars for a minor or major marijuana offense.

To ensure that we continue to be a strong and fair nation, this must be done – the legalization of marijuana is approaching and all action regarding the legalization must be taken. This is the first step.”

Trudeau has already expressed reason after reason why legalizing marijuana is not only better for regulating who has access to it, it also will generate billions in revenue for his country that otherwise goes to drug dealers.

This is yet another huge step along that path. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if other countries, such as say, the United States, are willing to follow suit. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Apparently this was from a satire site and not a real story despite it making a lot of sense. Damn you, Internet. My apologies.

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