Kai ‘The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker’ Arrested in Philadelphia In Connection to New Jersey Murder

Via Philadelphia's 6ABC News:

Action News confirmed Kai slept at a fan's home in Glassboro, New Jersey Monday night.

The three residents who live at the home have all been interviewed by police.

One resident named Eric spoke exclusively with us Thursday afternoon. He said he believes Kai could have committed murder.

“He had been on the road a while, so kind of rough around the edges, but a nice guy,” Eric.

McGillvary spent the night in a Glassboro home the day after he is accused of bludgeoning Galfy to death.

Police say he came to Philadelphia and later called a fan who lives in the Glassboro house to pick him up.

“We didn't know when he was staying here. He didn't give any signs of it. He was a nice enough guy and everything, but afterwards it kind of made sense after everything we are hearing. You go back on all of the stuff he was saying and it all made sense,” Eric said.

The hitchhiker who is known for his dark locks showed up with his hair cut short, a possible disguise.

Police say he also spent some time in Philadelphia in the hours after Galfey was killed.

“He said he was going down to Georgia trying to catch a bus, but other than that, I don't know,” Eric said.


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