This Kangaroo Is More Jacked Than The Rock And Could Probably Beat Him Up Any Day



Yeah I said it, this kangaroo named Roger could beat up The Rock. Sure Roger is a stupid name for a kangaroo, but if you ever came face-to-face with this 6’9″ 200lb. marsupial, you probably wouldn’t say that to his face.

Not that he’d understand you (he’s a kangaroo ya dumbass) in the first place, but still why take your chances? He crushes steel buckets like you crack peanuts and practices kickboxing in his spare time. No, I’m not high. I’m serious! According to Mirror,

And if that wasn’t enough, the terrifyingly muscular marsupial has the strength and power of a kick-boxer, and isn’t shy about letting people know when he’s not happy.

In fact, one of Roger’s favourite pastimes involves chasing his dedicated keeper every time he ‘invades’ the kangaroo’s enclosure.

Roger, who lives in The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, also works out every day – with an exercise regime that includes crushing tin bukcets.

Just because.



According to his keeper, Chris Brolga, if you fuck with red kangaroos (same as Roger) “they’ll disembowel you… or worse.” What the fuck is worse than being disemboweled???



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