Kanye West Has ‘Acted Like This For Years’ And Is ‘Unstable’ And ‘Delusional’ According To Chelsea Handler

Kanye West has finally gone full “Yeezy” in the past month, from Saiyan to Super Saiyan if you please. Or if you never watched Dragon Ball Z, you could also say he’s gone from Mel Gibson in the early 2000’s to Meltdown Gibson 2010, or that he’s Lindsay Lohan from…actually, just kidding. She’s always been a hot mess barring her Disney years.

I apologize for the piss-poor examples, but what I’m trying to say is that Kanye West has always been nucking futz; the only reason we haven’t seen it is because he’s been hiding it pretty well. Just like Mel Gibson didn’t become an anti-Semitic overnight and LiLo emerged out of puberty to become the washed-up cokehead she was always meant to be, according to Chelsea Handler Yeezy has always been off his rocker.

In an interview with ET Canada on Monday, Handler divulged that Kanye has always been nuts, going so far as to say that he’s been like this for years, albeit undercover:

‘I’ve always thought he’s a maniac, and he just sounds like more of one.

‘He’s acted like this for years and now people are acting surprised that he’s acting like this.’

… The comedienne, who previously had a ‘casual’ affair with his rap rival 50 Cent, said: ‘He’s unstable and he’s delusional.

‘And now he’ll have a mental breakdown in front of everybody, even though he’s been in this state for years.’(via)

Handler also doesn’t buy that ‘Ye is $53 million in debt, saying that “He’s probably trying to be funny. He thinks that’s funny.” Personally, I’m torn – I think pretending to be in debt is a great way to get the spotlight shone on yourself right when you’re about to have a new album drop. However Kanye also keeps trying to make “fashion” happen, and goddammit Kanye IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, OKAY? Your clothes are straight out of what I’d expect the peasants of Tatooine to wear and not enough of your fans are rich enough to afford a $800 shirt that looks like you threw it into a blender before throwing it up on the rack:

Shit’s got more stretched holes than Kim Kardashian at this point.

As for whether or not Kanye is genuinely delusional, he’s reportedly thinking about suing The Pirate Bay over the fact that his newest album, The Life of Pablo, has been downloaded over 500,000x for free…so yeah, I’m thinking Chelsea’s got a point here.

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