Kelly Clarkson Owned A Dude So Hard Last Night He Had To Take Up Residency In Another Part Of The Galaxy

Last night, Michelle Obama wowed the nation with a profound, eloquent, passionate, moving speech endorsing Hillary Clinton. It seamlessly segued from America’s troubled past to a hopeful future, optimistically intertwining and binding the two in a vision that left people cheering. The reaction online was especially positive.

Take, for instance, former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. She loved it so much she was moved to tweet about it.

(All screenshots via @tauriqmoosa.)

Nice, yea. But one Twitter user, @coffeebeansrock, didn’t appreciate a line in the speech, where Obama said she lives in a house built by slaves that, thanks to tremendous progress, her two black daughters get to grow up in. He let Kelly Clarkson know that.

What happened next was beautiful.

Say a short pray for @coffeebeansrock, no longer on Twitter and now living in the Lagoon Nebula, an interstellar cloud some 4,000 light years from Earth, where no one knows him as the guy Kelly Clarkson wrecked on the internet.

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