Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Has A New Job That’s Somehow Even Less Glamorous Than ‘Backup Dancer’

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears were married for two years, from 2004-2006, and if there’s ever been a case of “She’s too good for you” then this is a textbook example. Kevin Federline was her backup dancer – before repeating that for emphasis let me remind you that Britney Spears is a fucking pop icon – Kevin Federline basically did The Electric Slide for a living to make Britney look good. If she is the Mona Lisa, Federline was the dump da Vinci took the week before he started painting. In other words…

But now it looks like KFed’s managed to “upgrade” himself. Okay that’s a lie, this is more of a lateral move – he’s now DJing at a strip club in Las Vegas, less than three miles from where Britney’s LV residency at Planet Hollywood is. According to Daily Mail,

The 37-year-old, who was married to Britney for two years, is busy playing to revellers at the Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club, which according to TMZ, pays him a hefty $10k a show.

The report claims Kevin is under contract with the famous club to take charge of the decks four to six times a year, taking home up to $10k per night.

$10K a night is obviously pretty good, but only doing it 4-6 times a year? Eh. I guess that’s above average.

Then again the guy does get $20K a month in child support from Britney, so it’s not like he really needs the money anyway.

[H/T Daily Mail]