KFC Is Now Making Burritos But…There’s Some Bad News

Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting in the burrito business. The chicken franchise just introduced original, Zinger and the pulled chicken versions of the Mexican food staple but, just like with everything great in life, there’s a catch — it’s only available in the UK.

For now.

There’s also available, wait for it, in Mexico. Home of the original burrito (I’m assuming, I’m not doing research, just go with it.) These still aren’t available in Japan or the US.

We’re fucking waiting, KFC.

EDITED: I received this information from a reader named Mauricio, in regards to my general laziness in researching the origin of a burrito, and it was too good not to share.

“As a casual Mexican BroBible reader, who happens to be a world renowned burrito expert, I would like to shine a light in the fascinating story of the all-mighty. So, gather around the bonfire and let me bestow upon yourself this ancestral knowledge.

Y’all might think that the burrito is a blessing that has been in the world since Jesus Christ himself, but in reality, is a far more recent event. At the beginning of the last century, when shit was just about to hit the fan with the Mexican revolution in 1910, the country was a divided place. You had the south, cost lines, the middle of the country (which is the most important part because the capital is there) and the pretty much forgotten north. After we sold Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Cali to the US, that desertic part of the country almost useless.

Agriculture up there was not very effective, but beef was. In mexico you’ll normally find corn tortillas but because of their inability to grow their own, they started eating flour tortillas, which are more flexible and could be expand to bigger diameters. If you ever played Red Dead Redemption, you can have a great idea of the distances between cities in those times. The extent between your first cooked meal to the next one was filled by coyotes, cactus and pretty much nothing else. So unless you where a great hunter with weird liking to coyote meat, you had to pack your own food. But in a time with no refrigeration, plastic bags or Tupperware, how would you keep your beans, rice and meet from mixing with the other stuff in your bag?

Those creative motherfuckers just stumbled upon the next biggest thing since the Apple Watch (JK that would be a Back To the Future kind of paradox and the watch is pretty shitty) A burrito is the Spanish world for “Little donkey” and can you guess how does this guys used to travel? In donkeys, which are a magnificent beast recognized for being able to carry a shit load of stuff and having mad endurance. This guys, extended their big ass tortillas, put every meal on the inside and used the tortilla as both a plate and carrying bag for their food.

Even though the burrito as we know it was pretty much discovered in California, it all started right here in Mexico, thanks to the creativity of some old bro’s.

I hope you like the story! This is not included in history books, but should be!

It’s not in the history books, Mauricio, but now the world knows. Gracias.

[via Unilad]

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