A Man In California Opened His Box Of KFC And DEAR GOD IS THAT A DEEP FRIED RAT?

Fast food restaurants can’t always get it right. For whatever reason, quality control is sometimes compromised and the worst possible scenario happens. That’s what you get when a restaurant is pushing out food at top speeds and food safety takes a backseat to lining pockets with cold hard cash. We’ve seen it a thousand times.

But we’ve never seen what Devorise Dixon of Wilmington, California saw last week the moment he was about to bury his face into a normally delicious box of fried chicken from KFC. What Dixon saw was not kind to his appetite. Hell, I’d be shocked if he’s eaten since the incident. I know I’d be living on protein powder if I found what he found. And what he allegedly found was a DEEP FRIED RAT.

However, when speaking to the Mirror, a spokesman from KFC wasn’t so quick to admit that the discovery was, in fact, a rat.

This happened in the US and, following an immediate investigation, no evidence was found to support this claim.

Food safety is our highest priority worldwide and we take allegations of this nature extremely seriously.

Sure, sure. We all believe that. Maybe the piece of chicken was just unfortunately shaped. Or maybe Devorise Dixon is a criminal and this was big payday plan. To fry a fucking rat and claim that he bought it at KFC. The perfect crime!

All plausible scenarios!

So do you want to see the rat? Because it’s below.

Warning: Looking at this photo will ruin you.

Not just your appetite, the entirety of you.

You’ll be damaged goods.

Like, more than you already are.

Ok, warning over. Proceed to see what looks an awful lot like a deep fried rat.


Devories Dixon


Fuck it. Let’s look at it again.

Talk amongst yourselves. I’m gonna go do some barfing now.

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