Instead Of Crappy Buns, KFC Will Now Wrap Your Hot Dog In A Fried Chicken Breast

For far, far, far too long, mankind has suffered the gross indignity of being forced to consume our meats with bread. Hamburgers, Tacos, Beef Wellington. All include the child of grain. Why must the world force upon each gentleman a meal of processed wheat and refined carbohydrates?

But Lo! Hark! A siren beckons! For in the East, in the Isles of Phillipe, a dream, a force–NACHT! A movement–is afoot.

That our meats can, should and shall be wrapped in meat.

Especially the grossest meats. Like hot dogs.

Yup, I’m talking about KFC, of course, the company who puts the “fried chicken” in “wait, shouldn’t this be bread?”

It began with the Double Down, where hamburger buns were replaced with fried chicken breasts. Now, their locations in Southeast Asia are trying something new. A curved chicken breast, fried to fit a hot dog.

That’s right. It’s the KFC Double Down Dog. Look at it. Marvel in its glory and lack of bread and perfectly applied cheesy spread.

One day we hope–NAY WE PRAY–that our land will be blessed with it, too.

It is only being sold in 12 locations in the Philippines right now, with each receiving a mere 50 KFC Double Down Dogs.

It is a prize to be had. So go forth. Report back. The future is nigh.