Check Out This 7-Year-Old Bro Driving His Drunk Dad Home On A Motorcycle Like It’s No Big Deal

Kid Drives Drunk Dad Home 2

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The way I see it, this drunk bastard has a designated driver for the next fourteen years or until however old you’ve got to be to drink.

The story of these photos is hazy but here’s what’s being reported — “This photo is currently trending in one of china’s social media site “Sina Weibo”(China’s Twitter) under the hashtag #Kiddrovedrunkfatherhome. A 7 year old son skillfully and calmly drove a electric tricycle to carry his stubborn drunk father home”, do you know this good Chinese son? According to netizens, on the night of January 5th, a man in the northern part of Yinchuan City in the Guangxi Province, drank late into the night and passed out. His 7-year-old son wearing a winter coat, drove a tricycle to carry him home, in a  trip totalling more than 20 km, he drove with both skill and composure, shoot he drives better then me.

Kid Drives Drunk Dad Home 1

Meet Billion

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