Kid Has Epic Christmas Meltdown When He Gets WWE 2K15 Instead Of 2K16

A lot of people are going to jump all over this poor kid for being an ungrateful brat and having an epic meltdown after receiving WWE 2K15 as a Christmas present instead of WWE 2K15. However, let’s talk about the real problem… the mother.

The mother said that WWE 2K16 was out of stock, but let’s be honest, it is in stock. WWE 2K16 was released in October, and it wasn’t the huge title like Fallout 4 or Star Wars: Battlefront, it was WWE 2K16. There was not one single day that WWE 2K16 was out of stock.

Not even getting into the online shopping option of Amazon, but a simple Google Shopping search shows that WWE 2K16 is available in more than 25 stores in my area, which is sure to be the same across the United States.

I don’t want to be rude and assuming, but I think “Out of stock” is parentspeak for “A used copy of WWE 2K15 is $14.99 and WWE 2K16 is $59.99.”

I don’t understand why this kid is so upset, he’s only a year away from getting WWE 2K16.

Despite being a thankless ingrate, it appears that this little turd might get his way.

Hope all you good kids got exactly what you asked Santa for Christmas.