Is This the Greatest Knockout Kick by a Little Kid of All-Time?

When I was a young lad I had no idea on how to fight. I just got my ass kicked and accepted my dreary fate like all losers should. Kids nowadays are like little ninjas thanks to martial arts and watching MMA. Take this tiny assassin for example, he gets into an altercation with another kid and pretends to walk away, but it is just a clever ruse for his attack that is literally off-the-wall. He storms back on the scene, launches himself from the wall and lands a perfect kick to the face of the unsuspecting boy. The kick is so tremendous that it creates a booming slap that reverberates around the room. Not only did you get knocked the fuck out, but you got knocked the fuck out by a crusty, stanky foot to the face. Enjoy that foot fungus for breakfast kid.