Kid Wakes Up From Surgery And Doesn’t Know How Old He Is, Has Priceless Reaction

The ONLY rule when crafting a good headline is this: do NOT put the punchline in the title. Whoever uploaded this video to YouTube must’ve missed that day in class. That said, it really didn’t make it any less funny at all. I knew what was coming, I still laughed.

Changing topics a little, I’d like to discuss just how incredible the drugs are that dentists use for surgery. Day after day we see videos of people waking up from getting their wisdom teeth removed and they’re straight up #wrekt. In fact, I don’t even think #wrekt does justice to the level of inebriation that takes place after someone gets their teeth pulled. It’s just so incredible that dentists have easy access to substances that powerful, because we all know that dentists are like the acupuncturist equivalent of being a ‘real doctor’. How they’re trusted with substances so powerful people can forget their own age is just amazing.