Cops Make Guy Remove Horrendously Offensive Truck Decal And He Really Should Have Been Arrested

I read a couple paragraphs of this story and when I got to “believed to be fitness trainer” it made complete sense. Only a guy who makes people lift weights for a living would find this bumper sticker funny. “My truck got named ‘rape truck'” and then he high fives the other trainers in the back room with his penis.

Police are investigating a ‘kidnap’ sticker plastered on the back of a pick-up truck that creates the illusion a young woman is bound and gagged in the back.

Pictures of the vehicle and its controversial bumper sticker were taken in Leeds and is being spread across the internet using the hashtag #rapetruck.

The guy agreed to remove the wrap from his truck but later changed his mind because it’s “fun.”

Here’s video of another guy with the same decal. So the stupidity has already reached our country. The outer wrapping is bad, but once the back flap of the truck opens, it gets even worse.

H/T Daily Mail

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