Real Or Nah? Killer Clown Smashes Man In The Face With Wood Plank Then Joker Gets Run Over By Car

This goddamn creepy clown craze is somehow still going. I imagine that 99.2% is just bullshit. So when I saw this killer clown video I was quite skeptical, but maybe, just maybe it is the real deal.

The video shows a crew of Australian chaps going on clown hunting mission. Luckily, they find a clown. Unluckily, the clown is apparently not playing around. The clown smashes the dude with a wood plank and he goes down hard. The victim’s friends, who are still in the car, then run over the killer clown.

The sound of the wooden plank hitting the man sounded fake to me. Then I realized that I’m a sheltered pussy who has never heard what a wood plank hitting someone actually sounds like in real life, so I am probably not qualified to make the proclamation that the sound is definitely not authentic.

I was instantly suspicious since the account that uploaded the video was Skooska Entertainment, and that they are are trying to make a fake video for YouTube fame and fortune. Then I rewatched the video at .25 speed and by golly it looked pretty fucking real.

So now I ask you internet sleuths, real or nah?

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