Kim Kardashian’s New Video Game Made My Eyes Bleed And My Eardrums Rupture

The Kardashians finally realized that they’ve invaded every aspect of the market except video games and decided to fix that. And by “fix that,” I mean create a game for iOS and Android that has a 99% chance of inducing suicidal thoughts after mere moments of playing. How bad is it? For one thing, the objective of the game is to “create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune.” So you’re not even playing as Kim Kardashian, you’re just doing your best to follow her around and act like her. I’m not kidding.

Is that a vampire on the left? Nah, it’s just a really, really, REALLY freaky looking chick. I’m guessing she’s there to make Kim look “hotter” by comparison.


If you’ve been suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, or have just been in an all around shitty mood the past few days, it’s my non-medical opinion that you shouldn’t watch the gameplay video below. But if you’ve been feeling healthy and for some reason want a reason to kill yourself, by all means press play.

[H/T Kotaku]