Newly Discovered, Super Venomous Snake Is So Metal It’s Got Death In Its Name

Western Australian Museum

Snakes’ll kill you. Snakes’ll kill you real good.

So, for how killy they are, it’s pretty damn impressive that one snake can be so deadly its name includes the world ‘death.’

Anacondas aren’t called death anacondas, and pythons aren’t called death pythons, and cobras aren’t called death cobras.

And those some deadly fucking snakes. So when you hear there’s a new snake called the Kimberley death adder, you know it’s metal as fuck.

Yea. Mother fucking death adder. Its home is the Kimberley area of Northwest Australia, where only the hardest shits on the planet survive. Criminals on the run from the law, scorpions, dudes who own a lot of knifes, and death adders. While there are death adders throughout Australia, a team of scientists determined that the one that inhabits Kimberley is a distinct species all its own.

Oh and it deadly. In fact, a bite will kill you in six hours.

Said Paul Doughty, curator of herpetology at the Western Australian Museum, to The Guardian:

“These snakes are super-camouflaged – its idea is to look like a rock or a bunch of leaves. Unlike a brown snake they aren’t designed for speed at all, they are quite slow. They use their tail like a lure, they will dangle it down while it’s hidden until a lizard or something comes close and then it will strike.

“They are in the top 10 venomous snakes in the world. You definitely have to handle them carefully.”

Like I said. Snake’ll fuck you up. And a death snake’ll kill you.