Kirill Was Here Has An A++ Rant About People Who Are Offended By Kendall Jenner’s Hot Ballerina Pics

It’s genuinely amazing the dumb shit people get mad about on the Internet. It says a lot about our addiction to media and technology, as well as our nature as human beings to be offended by something on the Internet rather than go outside and have real, meaningful human relationships and experiences. Being offended 24/7 by pretty b.s. is tedious.

This week in “I’M OFFENDED!” — Kendall Jenner’s hot ballerina fashion pics for Vogue, inspiring takes like this one from the millennial media minds at Fusion:

Fortunately, party photographer Krill Was Here was quick to speak out about how stupid and feigned this outrage is. Our world is better for his rant, complete with his kicker: “Fuck you guys for making me defend Kendall Jenner.”

Oh and those pics? Here’s what everyone is so huffy-puffy about. When’s that giant astroid going to hit planet earth again? Can’t come soon enough.

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