Bro Leaves Some Kit-Kats In His Car And Gets Jacked, Hersey Sends Him An INSANE Amount Of Candy In The Mail

Back on the eve of Halloween, a bro by the name of Hunter Jobbins had some Kit-Kat candies in his car parked on campus at Kansas State University. Hunter tweeted out a picture he found left in his cup holder showing a note someone left him, a note that was a half-assed apology for jacking his candy. The thief/author of the not claims the Kit-Kat was all they took because they were hungry, which is still complete and utter bullshit, you don’t steal from another human being and say ‘sorry’ because the door was unlocked:

Hershey, the maker of Kit-Kat, saw Hunter’s note go viral and they came to the rescue hooking him up with a truly asinine amount of candy:

Christy Osler of reports:

“Kit Kat reached out to me and said they wanted to send me some replacements,” Jobbins told USA TODAY College. “So I got a box in the mail with a card saying ‘Saw your Kit Kat got stolen, hopefully this makes up for it.’ It was really nice of them to do that.”
Little did he know one box of Kit Kats was just the beginning.
On Thursday, Kit Kat filled Jobbins’ car with 6,500 bars, which he handed out around campus.
“It was crazy. I honestly didn’t think any students would show up. I passed out around 4,000 to 5,000 Kit Kats, probably,” he said. But, he made sure to leave himself enough to get him “through the rest of the year.”

Passing out around 4,000 to 5,000 Kit Kats seems insane. There are roughly 24,700 students who attend KSU, meaning he gave almost 1-in-5 students a Kit Kat bar (in theory). The odds aren’t too bad that he gave ANOTHER FUCKING KIT KAT BAR to the person who jacked him in the first place. Don’t you think that someone who is willing to break into a car to steal candy is probably willing to seek out the same free candy when it’s passed out on campus? This dude probably came face-to-face with his thief and never knew it…It’s just not right.

…(h/t Radass via KGW)…

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