One-Punch Knockout Has Bro Sleeping On The Ground In Less Than A Second, Light As A Feather And Stiff As A Board

I really wish I had some context for this one-punch knockout at the 7-Eleven gas pump but all I’ve got to work with is what you see below. Some shirtless dude who appears to be wearing a glove on his left hand takes a swipe with his right hand and puts the other dude into a deep state of meditative sleep.

Also, for full disclosure I’m currently in the Atlanta airport and forgot to bring my headphones with me so I cannot hear any of the exchange between the two dudes, because I’m not an asshole who blasts videos or music on his computer in the middle of an airport like some sort of a heathen. Anyways, let’s check out the coldest knockout you’ll see this week:

Dude went down as stiff as you were on the night you caught your first glimpse of the softcore on ‘Skinimax’.

(h/t Viral Vids YouTube)