This Company Is Building Billionaire ‘Bond’ Villains Private Island Retreats In The Middle Of The Ocean

I guess if you’re a billionaire, having a yacht is the “cool thing” to own — it takes you and your 100+ friends who only like you for your money from port to port in luxury and style. Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko’s 468-foot superyacht is pretty sweet. But you know what’s even cooler? A elevated platform in the middle of the ocean that looks like Karl Stromberg’s submarine-capturing lair Atlantis in the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. Seriously, remember this thing?

Anyway, the so-called “mobile island” for billionaires is called “Kokomo Ailand” and it’s being built by Migaloo Private Submarines, according to the concept images obtained by Business Insider. It’s a real-life Bond villain lair, even though it just exists as concept images. Also: It looks like a slightly shinier oil rig!

It has everything you need when you’re a billioniare: A penthouse suite with 360-degree ocean views, a private beach, infinity pools, a spa, a gym, a glass-bottomed jacuzzi, and a “jungle deck” with lush tropical vegetation. You can grow your own coconuts! And pineapples! Then have your bartender Javier mix them all together for the best piña colada you’ve ever had in your life.

It even has engines that cause it to chug along at a whole 9 MPH. And if you need to get somewhere faster because Rodger Moore OR an army of cocaine-smuggling sea monkeys starts attacking you, there’s always a helipad. Or your private submarine.

I’m sure there are dumber ways to spend a billion dollars, although right now I can’t think of it.

More pics of the Kokomo Ailand via Business Insider:


Oooops. Wrong image. How’d that get there?!

This guy approves.

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